Windows XIAMultiTheme

XIA Multi Theme

XIAMultiTheme is new concept to design GUI for PDA, it's goal is to help developers to build easy and eye candy graphical interfaces.
How XIAMultiTheme features:
  • Opensource!!! Yes it's GPLv3 based
  • Plugin based
  • Fast low level GDI drawing engine
  • Themes scheme are XML based very similar to rlToday XML standard, so you can reuse your themes
  • Support for reuse of your theme scheme for Today application or popup and also like old style gui
  • Themes can be inject into frames or XIAMultiTheme themes too
  • Users can continue design new amazing themes like rlToday and invoke XIAMultiTheme as launcher
  • Developers can write own sensors, or plugin

Current Status:

Binaries are avaiable for ALPHA stage testing: we mean for ALPHA the API can change every time until beta!

Thank you all! the first public release: 0.7 has being downloaded 3000 times!
I would say thank to Chris who has done a beatyfull Manila theme!

XIAMultiTheme 0.9 Video

Animated skins!