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What is Outlook Contacts Photo Import?

Outlook Contacts Photo Import is a C# .NET developed software which
will help all Outlook (TM) users to import thumbs contact's photos!!!
It's compatible with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 always via Windows (TM) platform!!!
This is a great software beacuse if you customize contact's photo you will see it on your Smartphone, tested on Windows Mobile 5 (TM) and also may work on Nokia Symbian (TM).


  • Simple to use
  • 1 executable (+2 dll which will bring outlook power to this application)
  • You can choose folder where fetch Contact's photo
  • You can choose Outlook Contacts folder, anyways it reverts to default one
  • Command line input so you can simply add .bat or .lnk to your configuration
  • Multiple matches! (ex.: if there is no "Surname Name.jpg" it will reverts to "Work.jpg"
  • Since 0.3 version it's walk across categories
  • .NET 1.1.4322 or .NET 2.0 (you may need to ask compiled version)

This is a command line software, you need to start it via cmd line! after you have understand command line parameters you can link it to your start menu!

Usage - Examples

OutlookContactsPhotoImport.exe photo

cd miniature
..\OutlookContactsPhotoImport photo contactsFolder=default


OutlookContactsPhotoImport photo contactsFolder=default photoFolder=C:\blabla
(remember the PATH MUST BE ABSOLUTE)

History - changelog

  • 20070626
    It walk across categories to choose image if nothing match, so you can use personal.jpg or business.jpg
  • 20070409
    .NET 2.0 support
    Microsoft Outlook 2007 (TM) support
    Some improvements and bug fixes:
    - Fixed the null bug
    - now optionals commands works
  • 20070221

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