Linux skMoonPhases


What is skMoonPhases?

skMoonPhases is a Superkaramba widget which will show the current Moon Phase.


  • Skinnable paint your icons and send us, the engine is going to be ready to support configuration
  • KXDocker icons you can display the moon phase on our dock
  • E-Patta configuration you can setup this widget to show moon phase of your city or everywhere


Download compressed tarball and install with superkaramba
Also if you like to see KXDocker icon you need to manually decompress the theme.


Latest release is 0.1 10-Sep-2005

skmoonphases.skz Updated on 06/November/2007 12:05 1996 hits

skmoonphases.tar.bz2 Updated on 06/November/2007 12:05 1733 hits

skmoonphases.tar.gz Updated on 06/November/2007 12:05 1640 hits