Linux Acer 5020 Bluetooth Module

Acer 5020 Bluetooth Module

Disassemble yout Acer Aspire 5020 (302x and 502x series) to add automated bluetooth function using common USB Bluetooth key adapter Everything about this page can be found on:
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Notebook Hardware

Motherboard pinout of Blue1 Bluetooth connector:
Pin-1 3.3 volts
Pin-2 GND
Pin-3 USB D+
Pin-4 USB D-

Generic USB adapter pinout:
Pin-1 3.3 volts
Pin-2 USB D-
Pin-3 USB D+
Pin-4 GND

Connections scheme: Motherboard to USB bluetooth dongle
Pin-1 - 1
Pin-2 - 4
Pin-3 - 3
Pin-4 - 2

Warning: please take care about Right USB pinout when using soldier! You may invert it! Apply tester test on V+ and V- before start.
Useful informations:
After you have added your usb bluetooth dongle you need to adjust some settings on your favorite operative system because the usb dongle will be enabled (powered too) my motherboard software switch which can be done via notebook driver addons:
Linux: acerhk or acer_acpi
Winzoz: Launch Manager (by Acer TM)
OSX: look on otherways to enable (wifi can be enabled at previews boot from other operative system)