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This is a serial port keyboard driver, every character received via serial port will be echoed as Keyboard input for WinCe envirnment

Task Battery

Visualizza un indicatore di batteria sulla barra superiore del PPC2002, il progetto e' in fase di sviluppo, la versione scaricabile e' pienamente funzionante, si pensa di aggiungere la possibilita di caricare icone esterne, e di poter personalizzare lo stile, precisione ect, questo progetto e' stato realizzato come esempio agli howto di programmazione ppc2002. Questa tecnica verra implementata anche in altri progetti.

Notification Hack

I'm using Alarm Clock and WM6 like older has the "Notification" bug, I've write this very simple and lightweight (C Windows API code)
Work with Smartphones and Pocket PC, with 2002 up to Mobile 2006
  • * ClearNotifyAlarmClock:
    No prompt: silently delete every Alarm Clock set and duplicated! after run this very very small and fastest program you need to re-enable your alarm!
  • * DumpAndClearNotify:
    You will be prompted every notification if you want to CLEAR IT or no. First prompt filter notification only for alarm clock!

Volume To Arrows

Volume To Arrows is a Pocket pc software which will map your volume jog to up/down arrows and also convert the Camera key to Action key.
This software is useful for scrolling by 1 row applications and enter menu with Camera button which is over volume jog on my Qtek S200
0.0.2: Porting to pure C++, more responsive, this avoid miss of Action button
0.0.1: Initial .Net 2.0 release

Simply unzip VolumeToArrows than copy VolumeToArrows.exe to your pda and start VolumeToArrows.exe
To start at pda boot you need to make shortcut into \Windows\Startup
If you need to uninstall this application simply use a TaskManager (which show you executables loaded in memory, FdcSoft provide TaskManager v2.3) to kill VolumeToArrows.exe than delete the VolumeToArrows.exe executable
- Somethings Camera button map to action will open Today Menu, simply press it again to close it
- Holding volume may go too fast :), there is no fix Todo
- Fix bugs - creating .txt configuration so you can configure all about this map software - Enabling Volume when PhoneApp is showed
Many thanks to and people around this great website!


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