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Download some our artwork for rlToday!

I'm using WM6 I like the HTC Home Plugin but it drain a lof of resources so I draw a simple rlToday skin wich is like first one
- This skin do not need mortscript
- You need only rToday plugin and a font to be installed (also you can update skin.xml to use system fonts)
How to install:
1) unzip the skin and copy the folder under \Program Files\rlToday
2) copy *.ttf to \Windows\Fonts
3) enable this skin in rlToday plugin via Setting\Today from start menu

* If you like to change the clock font remember to adjust XY coord
* You can choose to show current operator or cell broadcast message by updating the XML with these registry paths:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\State\Phone\Current Operator Name
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\State\Phone\Cell Broadcast

Change log:
- Fixed hour digit X coord
- Added the current CELL Broadcast message Updated on 01/February/2008 14:41 1714 hits Updated on 01/February/2008 14:42 1695 hits Updated on 13/February/2008 13:39 1915 hits Updated on 14/February/2008 12:38 1870 hits Updated on 21/February/2008 12:22 1823 hits Updated on 29/February/2008 16:37 2187 hits Updated on 01/February/2008 14:43 1960 hits Updated on 06/November/2007 12:22 1930 hits Updated on 18/December/2007 14:47 1803 hits Updated on 18/December/2007 14:48 1800 hits