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HTC P3600 Screen Bug Fix


Thank you all

lot of users had reported the Screen Bug:
This bug will popup your starmenu when:
  • you are using "huge" thumb while tapping the display (xt9 sms writing for example)
  • cpu is overheating (because it's near the diplay area)

I'm working to solve this issue via software, if it's possibile...
  • find the "fake" pressure on the display with my apps
  • mail me with the coords displayed on the diags app when you think it's a fake tap
  • wait for next releases and if this fix do not work for you mail me!!

  1. Remember to disable every "Gauge" (battery) meter on the top of start menu panel because may disable the fix.
  2. Use fdcsoft task manager to see if my fix is running or to kill it
  3. When ready you can configure this fix via registry so start searching for a regedit

Feel free to buy me a cofee via paypal :) thank you

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