Changelog to 0.0.10:
  • Added transparent flag in registry to make it fully transparent, why not put into P3600 rom?
  • Bugfix: thanks to Gerry

Changelog to 0.0.9:
  • Source code released under GPL licenze
  • Bugfix

Changelog to 0.0.8 with Configurator:
  • New project website, documentation and better support
  • BugFixes
  • Registry configuration, some fixes, now can load plugin!!!

Changelog to 0.0.7 with Battery Meter + Animation:
  • BugFixes
  • Added gauge animation

Changelog to 0.0.6 with Battery Meter:
  • The background color of TopBar change to sync with your today theme
  • On top horizontal line will be showed current battery charge (every 20s updated)
  • Minor bugfix