Mavin MCF



Mavin Compact Flash Bluetooth MCF is very bugged, it's firmware is not very compatible

You may notice a lot of troubles using it, it's PocketPC drivers are bugged too.

You can enjoy the power of this bluetooth dongle only with linux!
You need pcmcia-cs working and kernel 2.6.x
You need also patch /etc/pcmcia/bluetooth.conf by adding these lines:

card "Mavin Bluetooth"
  manfid 0x0279, 0x950b
  bind "btuart_cs"

What about newest PocketPC drivers? The Bluetooth stack in not 100% compatible with other bluetooth stacks, so you can try 3 different drivers:

  • 1.0 more stable but unuseful
  • 1.2 unstable (
  • 1.2.X a mix of others (wince


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