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This is a DISCONTINUED and OBSOLETE project because KXDocker depends on too much of KDE Libs so I decided to start new project XQDE Please keep in mind this section of XIA Projects is discontinued and it's avaiable only for idea or code look purpose
go to XQDE project homepage http://xqde.xiaprojects.com


What is KXDocker?

KXDocker is an innovative docker for KDE --  it's like Mac OS X's Dock, but more powerful.
KXDocker is a very big project; the goal is greater usability for the Linux operating system through desktop integration.
KXDocker is not just an "old school" docker!
The icons animation like parabolic OSX zoom is a plugin, so if you don't like this parabolic, you can write own.

Look at flash movie


  • Skinnable bar with animated background
  • Rolling Icons, our most innovative feature!
  • AutoResize, the first docker which will fit always in your screen
  • With Drag'n Drop, you can easily add applications to your favorite dock, or add an application to an existing group. Drag an application over another icon to add into the same group or over a separator to add newest
  • Configurable Xinerama support: you may configure displacement
  • DCOP and Windows tracing, so you can use KXDocker like Window's List manager and DCOP running process manager
  • Speed! No computation at runtime
  • Support for many existing animation Designs(or you can can write your own)
  • Lots of external plugins to manage applications and sensors -- CPU, FAN, Analog Clock, and so on
  • It works everywhere! KXDocker is  a single executable, requires only the KDEDIR libs and KDEDIRS environment variable set
  • Text Everywhere! Read Look Understand: every icon may show many text rows to help you knoledge

Gnome users welcome! since 0.37 KXDocker started to work under more Desktop Environment, try it!

Since 09/2005 compliance with Docker standards

Help us!

  • Help us! (mail all about...)
  • Provide us with distribution-specific packages for download
  • Create and contribute new themes
  • Make plug-ins
  • Send patches
  • Send bug reports and suggestion
  • Write us the documentation (howto xml configurations)


compile it and install (use $KDEDIR or your default kde directory installation):

./configure --disable-debug --prefix=$KDEDIR
make install

Linux distro READY

KXDocker since year 2005 is ready for: Are you using Compiz-Fusion? take a look at patch: kxdocker114a-compiz.diff (you can find it on download sources)
You can follow this tutorial, thanks to Daniel: