KDE Tray Networker

KDE tray icon Network activity monitor

This program will help you to view network activity on your netowrk device such as eth0, ppp0 and so on

Contents updated on Gen - 25 - 2004 for KTrayNetworker 0.2 alfa


Build source

First step you have to build the binary

tar -jxf ktraynetworker-XX.tar.bz2
cd ktraynetworker-XX
./configure --prefix=CHOSE_AN_INSTALLATIO_NPATH
make install

How to install icons

Second step you have to copy icons to your kde path

cd ktraynetworker-XX
cd icons

YOUR_KDE_DIR may be:

  • ~/.kde/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/actions
  • $HOME/.kde/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/actions
  • $KDEDIR/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/actions

Binary (distribution related) files installation

Send me your distro compiled package, i'll post it here.

Command line options

  --theme directory       Directory where I can find themed icons
  --device netdev         Device monitored
  --speed ms              Refresh time in ms
  --netsession name       Set the Name for this icon to store and load ex: modem1 or localnet 

For example:

ktraynetworker --device eth0 --speed 250 --theme /home/stefano/net_round_arrow/ --netsessione localnet

You may specify any interface and any speed with command line options, you can set the session property which will be use to enable profile load/store for example:

ktraynetworker --device ppp0 --speed 250 --theme /home/stefano/net_be_term/ --netsessione dialup

next time ktraynetworker started with:

ktraynetworker --netsessione dialup

will enable other options like: --device ppp0 --speed 250 --theme /home/stefano/net_be_term/
If you don't specify netsession changes will be saved under default profile.